• We loved ours! My husband is hooked! Leah F.

  • Thanks for the popcorn! My mom went and got some for me…it’s delicious! Shellie U.

  • Holy Kettle Corn, Batman! This Old Bay kettle corn is like Crab Candy!!

  • I was having an iffy day until I got a big box of the best kettle corn on earth!! You guys are the best!! Scott H.

  • It’s what’s for breakfast at WVU!! Thank you so much for the delicious popcorn…you guys are the best!! Morgan A.

  • I am so loving my popcorn!!!! Selina P.

  • Good people! Good popcorn! Andy M.

  • Awesome treat & great service! Steve M.

  • This popcorn was the bomb! -Bill P.

  • Sweet and salty, this is perfect! -Cheray M.

  • This is the greatest popcorn I’ve ever tasted! -Bill M.

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