• We loved ours! My husband is hooked! Leah F.

  • Thanks for the popcorn! My mom went and got some for me…it’s delicious! Shellie U.

  • Holy Kettle Corn, Batman! This Old Bay kettle corn is like Crab Candy!!

  • I was having an iffy day until I got a big box of the best kettle corn on earth!! You guys are the best!! Scott H.

  • It’s what’s for breakfast at WVU!! Thank you so much for the delicious popcorn…you guys are the best!! Morgan A.

  • I am so loving my popcorn!!!! Selina P.

  • Good people! Good popcorn! Andy M.

  • Awesome treat & great service! Steve M.

  • This popcorn was the bomb! -Bill P.

  • Sweet and salty, this is perfect! -Cheray M.

  • This is the greatest popcorn I’ve ever tasted! -Bill M.


Patty Alexander, Owner & Operator of Popcorn In Paradise Gourmet Kettle Corn, and her staff strive to bring each customer the tastiest sweet & salty snack they’ve ever eaten! One bite of our free samples and you’ll be hooked for life!

Our friendly concession staff greets each customer with a smile, and provides quick, efficient service. Popcorn In Paradise Gourmet Kettle Corn is made from the freshest materials available, and bagged warm to capture that unmistakable aroma only kettle corn possesses. Our kettle corn is Gluten free, MSG free, preservative free, & made from American grown Mushroom-style popcorn.

Our store is closed for the Winter! Check back with us in the Spring. Thank you for being amazing customers and friends. Dismiss